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20th-Oct-2007 07:24 pm - grr effing saturday.
Like most of my days today was nothing. I went to bed at like 4 AM last night and woke up at 1 PM. I went to rite-aid to buy some headphones and nerds and that was it.
I'm real pissed because I didn't get any ice cream-what fucking ever.
thats it
19th-Oct-2007 06:05 pm - Thursday & Fridayy<3
thursday was nothing at all-booring.
friday was nothing at all-booring.
this weekend I am doing nothing.
how fun, and theres not even food in my house.
someone needs to go grocery shopping!
the end 
17th-Oct-2007 05:08 pm - Wednessday xoxo
Nothing special happened today. Lunch was pretty vague.
I got an 82% on my BIG history test.
thats awesome.
and I brought my cutting-board home and my aunt loved it!
I don't really want to goto homecoming.

thats it
thats all.
booring life.
yep yep.

If you could start your own business, what would it be?
I would flip houses for a living, thats means I would buy house and fix it up and sell it for profit.

15th-Oct-2007 02:36 pm - Mondayy

Today was boring. Very boring. Bleh. But we had a great assembly about drugs today. The security officer is my new hero. Hmm, I pretty much am in love. It's a terribly weird attraction though, the way he acts. Group was interesting, the interesting girl is a cutter. Cutting is stupid. I cannot wait to get out of this house, like into a new house. I hate this house, it needs to be bigger. School's pretty booring, Life's pretty booring.
write more tommorow<3

What are your top three destinations and why go there?
1. Iraq- because its an intriguing country, where civilization was born, I'd love to see the ancient buildings and ruins.
2. Egypt-The most amazing culture and history, love to see the pyrimids at Giza and the Valley of Kings.
3. Fiji-Just because its so exotic.
14th-Oct-2007 12:35 pm - weekend agony [lyssuh_loverly]
Gr! I hate waking up to these kinds of mornings. It pisses me off so bad when people tell me I'm giving them an attitude and I'm so not. Sorry I'm not enthusiastic when it takes me 5 hours to get to sleep and wake up to find out that I'm stuck in this fucking house again. My aunt has interpretation issues, she thinks I'm giving her an attitude but I'm not. Then afterwards, yeah I'm going to give you an attitude because I never gave her an attitude. people are sickening. So my mom told me yesterday she was going to take me to the movies and she spends all her money. My foot still hurts. And my hair is a mess. I wish this day would end and tommorow I can see him :], so he can make my day.

grr, will write more soon.
Tell us about your funniest memory while on vacation.
hmm, painfully funny.
in orlando, florida, when I was seven years old
it was april
me and my grandfather went to orlando studios
and I had like a 2 foot long lollipop and then I tripped and ouch.
the roof of my mouth needed stitches.
now that I think of it, its not funny at all
13th-Oct-2007 07:15 pm - friday night football. [lyssuh_loverly]
friday nights, are somehow possible for me, as sheltered as I am. I used to always goto the mall every single friday night before I moved. Everyone would be there. The thing with this new town is that they don't need to get out of their huge "wysteria lane" houses. But for my "middle class" friends and I, every other friday night in the field is a friday night. Last night was fun. Me, Kim and Sam. I lost my phone once, gave at least 10 hugs and shouted, "hot pants" to every guy that passed us. We walked around the track the whole time. Pshh, we don't even watch the game, and don't care. Just ocassionaly look up at the score board when we pass it. Not much, but enough to get me out of the house and into the cold. My hands were swollen when I came home from all that cold. I just really wish I could be holding his hand in two weeks at the next football game. He makes me happy, makes me smile, think happy, want to wake up in the morning and take on the day. Last night I tried some melatonin, a new approach to help my insomnia. I really believe it didn't do anything, but I'm not going to tell that to my family, I just told them it worked and I needed a higher dosage. it made me feel...its not describable..tired but happy. No, not high, or buzzed, just happy. who knows, it could be a real happy pill. I actually dreamt too. I woke up a million times, it seemed like I tossed and tuned with every breath. Last night was cold. My foot still hurts. I stayed home today and did nothing, but go on the computer.
If you could create your own movie, what would it be about?
my life.
from birth to present.
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